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When I met Kindred at a Miracles Workshop, I witnessed one of the most profound transformations I have ever seen occur in a person. But even then, I saw only the tip of the iceberg. Everything that came before and after that amazing turning point in Kindred’s life is revealed in this book and it makes fascinating reading. You cannot read this book without being changed for the better by it.

Colin Tipping—Author of Radical Forgiveness


It is always those that have faced the most difficulty that hold a high powered laser beam to light the way for our journey. Kindred Light drew me immediately into her story with such colorful candor and wisdom, that I couldn’t put it down. Her unique way of conveying that pain and suffering can be optional with the right tools is very enticing and empowering.

Sabari L.—Yogi, Minister and Truth-seeker


I got three things from this book: how to distinguish my higher self from my lower self, how to heal my psychic scars and how to delve into my life lessons and purpose. It changed everything.

Jean C.—Coaching Client


Applying the principles of this book has changed my life. Becoming mindful of my ego has helped me to act from a wiser place which in turn makes all those around me happier as well!

Teresa D.—Coaching Client


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