Exalted Quest


Each one of us is on a quest to evolve toward and discover our divine nature. We are distracted from this quest by conflicting goals, desires, fears, obstacles, past failures and challenging circumstances. We exalt our quest as we learn to harmonize our unruly thoughts and difficult emotions with our life lessons and purpose.

In the newly released spiritual memoir, Exalted Quest, we witness one woman’s quest for wisdom and love despite the traumatic crises she faces in everyday trials. Author Kindred Light shares her personal journey of profound transformation as she finds the higher purpose behind intense experiences of addiction, abuse, divorce, custody battles, challenges of motherhood, imprisonment, and her transgender son’s gender identity journey. Discover how Kindred applied deep spiritual principles to moments of pain, transmuting them into pearls of wisdom and compassion.


Be free of your past. Learn the powerful and practical tools revealed through the incredible journey of Kindred Light.